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In a regular feature at The Pro-Wrestling Chronicle, we examine the top stories making their way around the wrestling world. We will print news only from reliable sources, and attempt to present it free of bias, speculation and negativity. Appropriate credit will always be given to the source of the news.

TOP NEWS STORIES for Tuesday November 08, 2005

All signs point to Jay Reso (Christian) being the newest member of the TNA roster and making his debut with the company this Sunday night live on pay-per-view., the offical online presence of the NWA:TNA promotion, made a cryptic announcement earlier today regarding the company coming to terms with their "biggest acquisition to date", and promoting the debut of this mystery star this Sunday in Orlando at their live pay-per-view Genesis. The three major names being thrown around earlier today were Chris Benoit, Christian and Chris Jericho. Chris Benoit still has one to two weeks remaining on his contract according to Wade Keller of The Pro-Wrestling Torch, and with Chris Jericho in the midst of a tour with his band Fozzy that runs through the end of the year, Christian seemed to be the most likely to comes to terms with the Orlando based organization. Late this afternoon, Dave Meltzer of confirmed that Jay Reso was the star being eluded to on the website of TNA. There is no word as of this point how Reso will be used on Sunday. As The Pro-Wrestling Chronicle reported earlier in the week, it is believed that Reso will be able to use his original ring name of Christian Cage in TNA, and possibly even just the name Christian. Jay Reso has recently started to take acting lessons in preparation for a role that he will take on in February. According to Wade Keller, though Christian was close to influential member of the creative staff Brian Gerwitz, failed promises of more of a push made him increasingly more miserable as time went on. Reso will be the first major World Wrestling Entertainment star to choose TNA rather than re-signing with WWE.

C.M. Punk is reportedly not assimilating well in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Tim White, cameraman for OVW, publicly stated earlier in the week that Punk has a "huge attitude problem" and didn't show proper respect to others around him. Punk has been in WWE's developmental system for around two months learning the WWE style, and thus far is struggling to adjust and has looked out of his element in his early matches in OVW according to live reports.

Edge is still suffering from the back injury that kept him off of the WWE Taboo Tuesday despite being advertised to team with Chris Masters as a part of the ongoing Raw vs. Smackdown feud. On tonight's Smackdown tapings, Edge is scheduled to meet Batista in an inter-brand street fight. Dave Scherer of reports that Dave Batista is scheduled to give Edge a worked injury to explain his upcoming absence while his back recovers while adding heat to the Raw vs. Smackdown feud heading into the Survivor Series.

Jim Ross has come to peace with the fact that he will not be returning to Raw according to Wade Keller of The Pro-Wrestling Torch Newsletter, and his only regret is said to be that he didn't receive a better sendoff. Over one foot of Ross' large intestine was removed in a procedure to remove a non-cancerous tumor, and Ross isn't free to travel for at least another two to three weeks according to Dave Meltzer. Wade Keller reports that Ross' surgery coming at the same time as his removal from his position on Raw softened the blow as it put the job in the proper perspective when compared to his long term health. Jim Ross has reportedly given up his life long habit of smoking and is said to be in good spirits according to Wade Keller, and is rumored to be in contention to do play-by-play for the Oklahoma Sooners, which would be a dream job for Jim Ross.

Matt Striker has major heat with the Smackdown locker room as reported in-depth in our weekend news update. That heat has followed Striker to Raw according to Dave Meltzer, as Striker is not welcome in the locker room with the main roster and dresses in a separate area designated for enhancement talent and unsigned wrestlers working dark matches. Striker has turned heads in the Raw locker room in the past. When laying out matches with opponents, Striker has reportedly overstepped his bounds when offering his input. The normal etiquette is for newer wrestlers to defer to veteran talent to lay out the majority of the spots in a match, and Wade Keller reports that Striker has been too vocal in trying to get his suggestions across. Despite his unfavorable standing, Striker picked up another victory at Monday's Raw tapings.

Dusty Rhodes is reportedly on shaky ground with World Wrestling Entertainment after the first Raw that he had a creative hand in was met with poor reviews. It was at Rhodes' suggestion that his son was brought back to the company as well as his friend Vader, neither of whom impressed in their first two nights back with the company and both of which were not used or hardly made mention of the following week on Raw. Dusty, who WWE taught to use a computer in his training to be a member of the WWE creative team, may have not even made it to Monday's Raw taping. Wade Keller reports that Rhodes was injured wrestling at an independent show and was under doctor's orders not to travel as of several days ago.

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