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In a regular feature at The Pro-Wrestling Chronicle, we examine the top stories making their way around the wrestling world. We will print news only from reliable sources, and attempt to present it free of bias, speculation and negativity. Appropriate credit will always be given to the source of the news.

TOP NEWS STORIES for Thursday November 10, 2005

In the lead story of the day, WWE Champion Dave Batista suffered a torn right latissimus dorsi while taking a bump at the conclusion of the Smackdown taping late Tuesday night in Indianapolis. When the cameras stopped rolling, Randy Orton came to the ring for the dark main event. Batista stayed on the ground, and when referee Jimmy Korderis figured out what was going on signaled to the back and the match was ended quickly after Randy Orton took a spinebuster from Batista. Batista was said to be helped to the back by WWE agents without acknowledging the live crowd when departing according to fan reports from This is not the first such injury of Batista's career. In March of 2003, Batista suffered two separate tears of his right tricep which were feared to be career ending.

Early this afternoon, Batista was flown to Birmingham, Alabama to meet with Dr. James Andrews, who is generally considered to be the most respected sports-injury surgeon in the country, for an MRI. According to the official website of World Wrestling Entertainment, Andrews gave the champion two choices, either rehab his back or opt for surgery and miss as much as three months of action. reported that Batista should reach a decision by the weekend. In either case, Batista should be back in action in time for Wrestlemania 23 in Chicago on April 2, 2006. No decision on the future of the WWE Smackdown Championship has been reached as of this point.

According to the United States Department of Patents and Trademarks, Jay Reso filed for and was awarded copyrights for the phrases Christian Cage and Captain Charisma on November 02, the day after his final WWE appearance at Taboo Tuesday. World Wrestling Entertainment continues to own the rights to the name Christian for all marketing purposes in the field of wrestling. As of this point, neither party has registered a trademark for ownership of the terms Peep or Peep Show. Rumors circulated today that TNA production were in the process of putting together video packages promoting the arrival of Reso, and that the company would be calling him Chris Jin. This story has neither been confirmed or denied, though all signs seem to indicate the rumor being just that.

Justin Credible is scheduled to debut with TNAWrestling soon according to sources of BetweentheRopes radio. Between the Ropes in a long running internet and radio broadcast based out of TNA's home of Orlando, Florida. Also according to Betweentheropes, former WWE Tough Enough winner Jackie Gayda is rumored to be aligned with Raven when she debuts for the company in the near future.

Vader is gone from World Wrestling Entertainment after only two appearances with the company according to Between the Ropes. Vader was brought in largely as a request by Dusty Rhodes. As we reported earlier in the week, Dusty Rhodes is in hot water with WWE management. Vader is still signed to a WWE legends contract and will continue to be used in that capacity when WWE sees fit.

Chris Jericho granted his first interview on the subject of professional wrestling in nearly three months when he joined Between the Ropes Radio live this evening at 11pm Orlando time. Jericho stated that he did not miss wrestling at all, and though he would always leave the door open, for now he has no reason to return to wrestling as he wants to pursue other avenues. Jericho stated that until those avenues dried up, he didn't see a return to wrestling happening. Chris Jericho is coming off of a tour with his band Fozzy that makes several stops in Florida this next week, and joked that he left wrestling to spend more time at home, but that doesn't seem to be happening as of yet. When the tour winds down in a few weeks, Chris Jericho stated that he was looking forward to spending time with his family in his Tampa residence. Chris Jericho has been keeping busy lately, taking acting classes and trying to prove to himself that he can make it in Los Angeles. Chris Jericho is a regular guest on VH1's Best Week Ever, and also currently worked the red carpet at awards shows for E! Entertainment with Joan and Melissa Rivers. Chris Jericho is also working on a book which he stated wasn't an autobiography, but something that focused on a particular time in his life, though he didn't elaborate. Chris Jericho also has a lead in a film produced by the Sci-Fi Network which costars Joey Lawrence.

When asked about the picture that appeared on his website displaying the TNA logo, Chris Jericho explained it to be a practical joke on his behalf. Jericho stated that while looking at messageboards, he saw a lot of fans speaking as though they knew everything about him. Jericho put over the dedication and support of internet fans, but stated that he called his webmaster and told him to put the photo up as a joke so that he could watch the "shitstorm" unfold. Jericho stated that within hours, he was receiving calls from high ranking officials within both TNA and WWE.

On his wrestling career, Chris Jericho put over John Cena as a guy who gets a bad reputation as a wrestler who didn't deserve it, and claimed to be touched by being cheered by half of the crowd in his match with Cena as Jericho considered his opponent to be the biggest babyface in several years. Jericho also light-heartedly claimed that Kurt Angle calls himself the best in the world, but his matches with John Cena weren't nearly as good as his own. On the subject of Christian, Jericho stated how proud he was of him, and put him over as a top all around performer who never got his due because of his size. Jericho stated that he regretted never having a run with the title as a babyface, but it was hard to have regrets when you were a three time World Champion and the first Undisputed Champion. Chris Jericho called the biggest problem with wrestling today the scripted nature, and recalled writing his debut promo with The Rock in a hotel room the night before. Jericho also stated that he wasn't a fan of Vince McMahon's affinity for "toilet humor".

On the subject TNA, Chris Jericho admitted that he watches more TNA than WWE currently. In spite of that, Chris Jericho said that he loves Vince McMahon as a boss and feels a strong sense of loyalty to him, so he didn't see TNA in his future anytime soon. Jericho put over Samoa Joe as his current favorite wrestler and someone who could be a top level star in WWE almost immediately. Chris Jericho also put over A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels, and stated that he thought Monty Brown or Samoa Joe should be the ones to take the title off of Jeff Jarrett. Chris Jericho closed the interview by plugging Fozzy and thanking his fans.

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